Alexander Commercial Development



To carry out the intent of the head lease with assurances to the Government that the Nation ensures 
all commercial activities have sound environmental practices; to protect the land; to protect the 
Nation from liability, and to negotiate the best business opportunities.


As a division of ABC, Alexander Commercial Development (ACD) was developed to oversee the drafting and execution of all Head Leases and Sub-Leases; by ensuring all land appraisals, environmental studies, building valuations, surveys, insurance and security bonds are up to date and in place.

Alexander designated parcels of land that the community agreed to have commercially developed for the benefit of the Nation. The community by way of designation has stated that any land commercially developed shall not have any adverse effects interim or long term on our land.  To ensure the leasing of designated land is done with good sound business practices and our land is protected, the Leadership works with ISC and a wholly owned band business corporation.  It is their responsibility to negotiate the best possible business arrangement that protects all facets of our land and is financially productive, while employing community members where possible. As part of that September 2008, Alexander designated the following parcels of land for the purpose of commercial development:

Alexander had a vote in September of 2008 to designate Alexander land for commercial use.

  • East portion or Industrial Park area (261 acres)

  • Tourism area near Sandy Beach (682 acres)

  • Alexander 134A Reserve (634 acres) Head lease completed

  • Data Center (4.5 acres)

  • Store (5.7 acres) Head lease completed


For more information, please contact:

Janet Campbell

ACD Manager