Alexander Contracting and Construction


Support ABC goal of maximizing benefit to Alexander Shareholders including training, employment and revenue generating opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry.

As a division of ABC, Alexander Contracting and Construction (ACC) is focused on creating strategic partnerships to guarantee our participation with industry in order to build the Nations local economy.


Alexander Contracting and Construction (ACC) consists of three operating units which are targeted at different market segments.

  1. Alexander Security (Division of ACC)

  2. Alexander Safety (Division of ACC)

  3. General Contractor Status/Joint Venture Agreements

The overall goal of ACC is to maximize net benefit back to ABC in the form of employment and revenue.  All 4 segments of ACC have a unique strategy, but a consistent desired outcome.

ACC has formed strategic partnerships with successful businesses that meet our requirements. These strategic partnerships assist us to build capacity through training and employment for participating Alexander members, and business owners. Our strict pre-qualification process ensures we meet and exceed industry standards, but also fulfills Alexanders’ vision and mandates. ACC with our partners, have a variety of services to offer industry which include:




Hydro Vac

Matting and Bridges




Civil and Aggregates

Sanitation Services

Foundations and Piling

Non-Destructive Testing


Directional Drilling



Camp and Catering

Survey and Line Locating

We currently have 22 partners, ranging in scope which gives us the ability to pursue almost all aspects of a new Oil and Gas, Utility, or Industrial project.


For more information, please contact:

Kris Vanderburg

ACC Manager


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