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Alexander Forest and Labour Services

A division of Alexander Business Centre Inc.
Alexander Forest & Labour Services is a professional and experienced company owned and operated by Alexander First Nation.

Our company along with our partners continue to provide the highest standard of safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction in every job we complete for our valued customers.

Vision Statement

AFS is respected by all sectors of industry as leaders in providing a service that maintains a balance of environmental planning, protection, and effective use of resources. AFS is a band owned company that prides itself on the superior quality of its people, equipment, and services. This strength allows us to maintain our position as a leader in the industry.

What We Do

824750 Alberta Ltd. operating as Alexander Forest & Labour Services

AFS has been providing Wildland Firefighting personnel to the Forest protection division of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development since 1999.

In 2003, in order to ensure self-sustainability, AFS diversified its operations to operate year round and now offer services to industry in the following areas all across Alberta:

  • Wildland Fire Suppression

  • Pine Beetle Control

  • Road brushing and clearing

  • Seismic Line Construction

  • Burning Projects

  • Reclamation/Reseeding

  • Lease Site Development

  • Slashing

  • Pipeline Clearing

The following are just a few of the companies we have completed projects for over the past several years:

  • Enbridge Athabasca Inc.

  • Miller Western

  • Petro Reef Resources Ltd.

  • Weyerhauser

  • Regent Resources Ltd.

  • Parks Canada - Jasper

  • Daylight Energy

  • Sundance Energy

  • Paramount Resources

  • Alliance Pipeline

  • Trilogy Energy

  • Alberta Government

AFS strives for safety in all work that we do and we ensure our staff are continuously trained through the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

Certificate of Recognition:         #20120622-5602

WCB Account No.:                       #4023032

Industry Code:                             #40604


Liability Insurance:                     ACE-INA Insurance Sub Broker First Commercial Brokers

Contact Information

P.O. Box 3480

Morinville, AB

T8R 1S3

Phone: (780)446-4078

Fax:      (780)939-4795

Email: harveyburnstick@gmail.com