ABC Announcements

February 4, 2021

For Immediate Release

Alexander Business Centre Inc. (ABC Inc.) is please to announce the appointment of Alexander First Nation Chief George Arcand Jr. as Chairman of the Board. Chief Arcand brings forth great knowledge and expertise in business, industry, and government. Chief Arcand served as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fort McKay group of companies for 8 years starting in 2012 and was crucial to the company's growth and ongoing success you see today. Before his position in Fort McKay, he worked for the Government of Canada as Regional Director of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) for many years.


Chief Arcand's expansive resume is a huge asset for ABC Inc. and we are fortunate to have him as Chairman of the Board to provide us his knowledge, wisdom, and expertise as we strive to develop our local economy and build a sustainable future for our Nation.

Chief George Arcand Jr

Chief George Arcand Jr.