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With determination to generate increased employment opportunities and build a robust local economy for the Nation, the AFN Leadership have formed the “Alexander Business Centre Inc.”, (ABC)., a fully structured proficient corporation. The AFN Chief and Council have appointed an external professional board to ensure optimal business acumen is engaged at all times.


The corporation has been organized to provide the Executive Management over all Alexander First Nation (AFN) owned businesses, its vision and mandate accentuate economic diversification and partnerships for Alexander and its members. The Alexander Business Centre (ABC) has also been delegated to be first point of contact with all industry and will strive strategically for success.

Mission, Vision, Values


Our mission is to strategically align all our resources to stimulate economic growth.


Building our community through economic diversity for long term success mindful of our cultural traditions and the environment.



Relationships - We build meaningful, strategic and collaborative business relationships.

Accountability - We hold ourselves and all internal and external members of the organizational structure accountable for their roles, responsibilities and actions.

Transparency - We strive for transparent business practices and open and honest communication to industry and the community.

Community-focused - We ensure business practices are inclusive of and prioritize Alexander First Nation member involvement and are aligned with the goals of the community.

Respect - We will respect all people, the land, and our cultural traditions.

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